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T-Shirt Update

After selling tons of t-shirts (read about it here), we have a some size small and medium shirts left.

To purchase, first calculate the total of your order and donate that amount using the donate button above. Please add $5 for us to ship your order or else plan to pick it up next time you see us. Upon confirming your donation, you will see a small field where you can leave comments. Please use that field to note the details of your order (quantities, colors, sizes).  If you have any problems, please email me at


5 thoughts on “Buy T-Shirts

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  4. hello:) super random question here. my friend, karen connor, recently gifted me with one of your awesome tees! love it so much. i runs small business that help support adoptive families and resettlement in uganda ( and we just got a new inventory of our products. i’m in the process of redesigning our tags and branding and was wondering where you had your tags made that came on the shirt. the “one less” ones. they look great and are good quality! i know this is random haha but i’ve been at this product marketing thing for a few years and know a good tag when i see it;) would you mind sharing? thanks! praying your little one home!

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