About Us

Family Pic April 2015Kammo
Part-time advertising guru, full-time wifey, momma, and family organizer. Full House enthusiast, and secret admirer of Candace Cameron Bure. Loves dressing up. An adrenaline junkie who rarely relaxes, there’s just too much to do!  Eats like a kid; signature favs include mac & cheese, pizza, and chicken nuggets. Despises coffee, chocolate, and veggies.
M-Dawg 1
Full-time student pastor, dad, hubby, and Kuhn estate groundskeeper. Celeb look-a-like is Matthew McConaughey. Hates to dress up. Loves his chucks. At-home barista who brews at least 6 lattes a day (because Starbucks was robbing the adoption fund!)
M-Dawg 2
The strongest-willed, pickiest eating world changer you’ll ever meet. Lightning McQueen/every kind of race car fanatic. Weighs in somewhere below the zero percentile, but could beat any other 3-year-old old at ball throwing and book reading. A master of logging his fair share of “think it over time” and burning calories faster than he can eat them.


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi! You probably don’t know me, but I was a student at CCC the same time you guys were (graduated with an AA in ’08). My hubby and I are also in the middle of adopting from Ethiopia, and a friend of mine (Amanda Karschner) told me you guys were also adopting. I think she found out from facebook. =) Anyway, I pretty much just read over your entire blog–I’m not creepy, I promise!–and I would love to keep up with you guys, maybe even get together sometime. I don’t know if you are already friends with any families who have adopted from Ethiopia, or if you know of any other couples who are going through it right now, but I’d love the “company”. And (this may be thinking way too far ahead) I think it would be totally awesome if our kids could be friends someday. =D I don’t have a facebook or a blog or anything, but if you want to e-mail me, I would LOVE that! God bless!

    P.S. I am in love with this (https://kuhnadoption.com/leatherbracelets/crw_8612/) bracelet and would like to buy it if it’s still available.
    P.P.S. Is this way too much of a comment? I swear, if it’s not a book I didn’t write it. Laughing.

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