Memoirs of Malachi’s Shower

It’s been more than three weeks since we returned from Ethiopia, and we are so ready to go back and pick up Mr. Malachi. We received his passport last week, and now we are just waiting on the Embassy to complete his medical review. This could take one week, or it could take nine weeks. So we continue to wait in that always unknown timeline we have been in for two and half years. Peachy.

In the meantime, we’re getting everything ready for his hopefully-very-soon arrival. On Monday, friends and family threw a shower for Malachi. Let me just say… my people are the best people. Lots of people. They’re the most wonderful community of support ever. Malachi is the luckiest little dude to get to be loved on by this awesome group.

Friends from Skycrest Community Church, friends from Lakeside Community Chapel, friends from Dunn&Co., friends from Ruskin, friends from my old job, friends from near and far. More than 70 in all. MY LOVELY PEOPLE!!! I love love love you to the moon and back. And Malachi will too.


Amy T., I especially love the above photo of you. We clearly caught you at the wrong time, but your arm muscles look beautifully defined as always.

IMG_4977 IMG_4974 IMG_4967 IMG_4955

BFF Shawna Kiser made these precious prayer bracelet favors. Special delivery from Arvada Colorado. Thank you friend.


MAMMAW!!! Enough said. Especially if you know her and her unique cool grandma vibes.


Meet my mom and sister. Decoration bosses. They made the the theme super heroes since those guys were adopted too.


IMG_4936 IMG_4937 IMG_4938

Meet my go-getter, make-things-happen sissy-in-law who rallied the troops. I’m sure you never tired of her reminding you to buy leather bracelets, order t-shirts, or come to the shower. Someday, I will tell Malachi about all that TT (permanent term for Auntie coined by Maddox) has done for him. But I’ll wait until he understands English.


Meet my friends Karen and Melissa. Karen orchestrated the food and spent lots of the evening in the kitchen. And I guess that’s how I only ended up with one pic of you???


And then it was time to open presents galore!!!!



Clothes and shoes and toys and car seats and gift cards and medical expense cashola. We are so loved. My boy is so loved. My heart is full. My heart is ready to return to Adama, Ethiopia.


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