The Last Leg

We enjoyed some down time in DC yesterday evening. A leisurely dinner and a movie before departing this morning for Addis. We made some new friends in DC. A phillipino shuttle driver who wanted us to adopt our next child from Manilla. A taxi driver from Kuwait who thought us converting to Islam would be a good idea. And a restaurant buddy who was sure that adoption and being Republican were synonymous.

This morning, we headed to the Dulles airport and boarded our plane. 

We’ll be on the ground in 12 hours.  When we land, it will be 7am in Ethiopia. We’ll meet our driver and then make a couple hours drive outside of Addis Ababa to Malachi’s orphanage in Adama where we will meet him for the first time. Lots of butterflies are happening right now. It feels like the night before your wedding or some other super important life event. Maybe worse. 

Will he smile or cry? Will he hate me or like me? Will he be excited or completely afraid? Will he even want to play with any of the toys we brought? Will he be able to comprehend in any sense what is about to take place? This kid’s world is about to get turned upside down, beautifully wrecked. And he likely will have no clue that it is for the better. Adoption is redemption. Where there is redemption, there was brokenness. Today is day #1 of healing for this little boy. Oh that he might comprehend today just an iota of the wonderful adventure that is to come. And if he doesn’t, may we have the grace and wisdom to gently lead him to understand how much we care for him. 

A long and life-changing day is ahead. Must sleep on this flight. Here’s to hoping the sleep mask + Melatonin do their job.



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