Court Date!!!

Hello from Baltimore where I’m on a quick one-night work trip. This morning, I was having breakfast at the hotel, preparing for our client presentation with Troy (owner extraordinaire), Glen (creative director extrordinaire), and Corinne (account executive extraordinaire), when my phone rings. The screen says Lesley. (She’s the case worker who has put up with my endless complaining and badgering. Thank you Lesley!)

Ring Ring


Get up from table and run to lobby

Ring Ring

Me: Hello.

Lesley: Are you ready to go to Africa?

I’ve been waiting on this phone call for nearly three years, so I felt like ugly crying and screaming simultaneously. I did neither. When in a pressured panic, I put on a calm façade, assess the situation, and get the details! There will be time for crying later. Thanks for the life skill, mom.

So, we’re heading to Ethiopia THIS WEEKEND to meet the little dude we’ve waited an eternity to meet. And Esther 4:14 keeps playing in my head: “Perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created.”

It’s really happening. We are really are coming for you Malachi!


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