Cautious Optimism

Mom has often said that dad and I are pessimists. But I say we’re realists. If the good Lord graced me with a few droplets of optimism at birth, this journey has beaten them straight out of me. Perhaps two and a half years ago I approached this journey with calm and confident anticipation. Now, I’m fresh out.

Today, we were told the one letter we have been waiting on for nearly 5 months could be just days away. Caseworker says, “Get your plans in order and be ready to travel on very short notice.” Well actually, the travel to-do list was completed in February, so I think we’re all set.

Hope has come and gone more times than I can recount. Right now, I have it again, but it is purposefully extremely cautious. I am more than ready to end this paper pregnancy slash non-hormone induced emotional roller coaster. But I’m holding off on my happy dance until my feet are on Ethiopian soil. There have been enough hiccups and delays and dark, “this-might-never-happen” moments to keep us 100% dependent on the Lord.

Most recently, the government office that needs to write the letter was closed for 10 days due to power outages, a common occurrence there. Dear God, keep the lights on long enough for them to write this letter! I never thought I would send up fierce, on-your-knees, tear-filled battle prayers… for electricity.

When it comes to getting ready for the trip, there’s one thing I haven’t done yet, and it’s actually something you could help with. We plan to bring 2 suitcases full of donations for Malachi’s orphanage on each of our two trips. The orphanage needs some very specific items. If you’d like to help by donating some of these items, we’ll make sure they make it with us on one of our two trips. Please only new or almost new clothes, toys, and books.

Baby/Children’s Shampoo
Lice Shampoo
Baby/Children’s Soap
Hygiene products
Oral Hygiene Products
Diaper Cream, Powder, Lotion,
Baby Wipes
Nutramigen baby formula
Pedialyte Packets
Rice Cereal
Diapers – Cloth or Disposable
Surgical Gloves – Size Medium
Children’s Tylenol and Pepto-Bismol
Other Common Children’s Medications
Slip-on Closed toes shoes
Bedding (Crib, twin and full sizes)
Mosquito Nets
Clothing for children ages 4 – 12
DVDs (learning or Disney)

We’ve walked this road for long enough to know that if the next blog post is a bon voyage, it will certainly be miraculous. I’m calling my warrior prayer people. You call your warrior prayer people. If ever there was a time to go before the throne and beg for a booming miracle, it is now.


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