Happy Birthday Malachi

Dear Malachi,

Your 5th birthday has come and gone, and we weren’t even allowed to spoil you with presents or a celebration. We’re ready to come for you at a moment’s notice, but Ethiopia’s government needs to assign us a court date first. On that date, you’ll be in our family officially and forever. Let’s hope it is assigned very soon.

You don’t know yet that you’re being adopted. You don’t know about us, but we’ve known about you for many months – long enough to have met you in our dreams over and over.

You looked like you had grown in the updated pictures your orphanage just sent. We wish that you could grow here in our home instead. It makes us sad to miss the growing. And your pants looked worn and quite a bit too big. Dad is anxious to get you in some skinny jeans. Kuhn guys wear skinnies – except for Grandpa, he doesn’t.

Every night, we pray that God will prepare the four of our hearts to be a family. We pray that the grief you will feel over leaving the orphanage will be reduced because your heart is happy to be in our home. We pray that you will like the food here, and that you will know you will always have plenty to eat. We pray you will feel safe here and know you don’t have to fight to survive. We pray you will feel deep down that you are loved and wanted, because you are.

Are the workers there treating you with care? Are you getting plenty to eat? Are they teaching you any English? Do you have friends to play with?

Every day, people ask me questions too. They want to know if we’ve heard any news about when you will come home, and I’m getting tired of saying, “no.” Everything is ready and waiting for you. We just need a phone call saying “It’s time!”

Our hearts are anxious. We’re not sure what’s taking so long, but we do know the one who is in control. We’ll tell you all about Him soon enough.

A mom usually knows her son better than her son knows himself. That can’t be true if we’ve never met. Are you analytical or witty? A rule breaker or a rule follower? Relaxed or uptight? Free spirited or deliberate? I can’t wait to find out.

Next year, your 6th birthday will be much different than this birthday was. We’ll plan a celebration with presents and food and family and friends. And maybe we’ll look back on this note, and at the very least, you’ll know that on your 5th birthday we were thinking of you.

Happy 5th Birthday,


Mom, Dad, & Maddox


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