Preparing for Malach

The days lag on as we wait for our first trip to Ethiopia. We’ve received our official adoption approval from the US embassy in Addis Ababa. All we need now is a court date from the local Ethiopian government. We’re told that we need to be ready to travel on very short notice. Once we receive the court date, we will need to book our travel and leave probably within a week. Some families have only had a couple of days notice. Better get packing.

Now remember, we’ll make two trips to Ethiopia. On the first trip, Malachi will legally become our son at Ethiopian court. After this, I will show you pics… lots of pics. However, there is still much to be done in order to allow him to immigrate to the US as a citizen. So we will come home for 6 to 8 weeks and then make a second trip to pick him up.

Around the Kuhn house, we continue to pass the time by preparing for our little dude to come home. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last few weeks.

School Choice

We decided Malachi will attend Skycrest in the fall. We’ve met with both the principle and Malachi’s teacher. We like that Mitch is usually on campus and is a short walk from the K-4 classroom should he need to help out. Because of Malachi’s medical needs, we want to be close by until we’re comfortable with his routine and until we’ve helped him gain some independence. He’ll start out just going to school for a half day. Hopefully, this will make for an easier transition.

Travel Immunizations

Who knew such a simple thing could consume so much time… tracking down shot records which apparently our doctors destroyed after seven years (WHAT?!?!?), debating with insurance, and visiting 2 different doctors plus the health department. At the end of it all, I will have had to confront my needle phobia seven different times, but I suppose it beats coming home from Africa with typhoid.

Pre-Adoption Medical Review

Very few medical records exist for Malachi, but what we do have, we had reviewed at All Children’s Hospital. After our discussions with the doctor, we were able to rule out some of the more serious complications of Malachi’s medical condition.

Training, Training, Training.

We’re prepping for life after adoption with a series of web videos from our agency covering everything from food hoarding to attachment and bonding. 13 hours down and 11 hours to go. Let’s just say we’ll be well prepared.

Malachi’s Family Book

On our first trip to Ethiopia, we’ll give Malachi a family book with pictures of our family members and our home. He can keep it with him until we go back to pick him up. The hope is that the book makes the transition a little easier. When he walks into our home or meets his grandparents for the first time, he will have at least seen pictures to make the experiences less shocking.

Malachi’s Room

This weekend, we finished up Malachi’s room. Apart from an empty closet, we’re ready for him to move in. Maddox helped by playing on my phone and glancing up every now and then to say, “Mommy that looks nice.” Mitch helped with the power tools, although I think he’s wishing I’d learn how to use them for myself. He’s a good hubby to put up with all of my projects.


There’s much to do and much to pray for. We’d love it if you would join us in praying during the waiting.

  1. Malachi’s physical capabilities.
  2. Provision for physical therapy. Most insurance coverage for PT is shotty, and we will likely need PT multiple days a week.
  3. Healthy attachment/bonding and a smooth transition into our home.
  4. Language acquisition. While we’d love to be bilingual, English, not Amharic, is the language of choice at the Kuhn family estate. May Malachi catch on quickly.
  5. May God prepare Maddox’s heart to love on Malachi. May he learn to share his mom and dad with a happy heart.

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