Waiting for Malachi

We’ve decided to name our little dude Malachi. His middle name will remain his Ethiopian name.

We’re starting to think about school since he’ll most likely start K-4 in the fall after joining our family this summer (fingers crossed)! It’s a tricky decision considering he won’t know a lick of English. We’re also getting his room ready – another tough task since we have very little knowledge about what life will look like practically and logistically with his medical needs. We’ll certainly have to adjust after he gets home. No big deal. We’ll do whatever we need to.

This weekend Maddox was hammering away on Malachi’s new bed with his plastic hammer.

Working on Malachi's Room

Working on Malachi’s Room

He was so proud of Malachi’s bed you would have thought it was his own. It’s crazy to think that Maddox will likely have no memories of welcoming Malachi into our family. Maddox is excited to have a big brother nonetheless. He talks about Malachi often. He mostly wants to show all of our visitors “Malachi’s room.” He was a little bit shocked when he found some of his toys in Malachi’s room. He said, “This is my stuffed animal.” I said, “Well, you and Malachi are going to share toys.” He replied with his typical nonchalant, “Yeah.”

Maddox has seen several videos of Malachi and is very matter-of-fact about his new brother. It’s as if Maddox has no notion that brothers typically come to us as babies and typically have matching skin to their families. I suppose that when you’re two and a half, anything can be normal.

Every once in a while, he’ll ask “Where’s Malachi.” I say, “He’s in Ethiopia.” He says, “Yeah, we’re going to go pick him up tomorrow.” I wish Maddox. I wish.

Our file is going through a deep ocean of bureaucracy, and we’ll just leave it at that. You’d need a PhD to understand all of the government layers we’re navigating through, and I’d need one to explain it. From DC to Addis, back to DC, to Clearwater, to DC, back to Addis. Can someone give me a flow chart please!

From my calculations which are totally able – and likely – to change at any moment, we have at least 14 weeks left until our first trip to Ethiopia to meet Malachi. That is of course barring a miracle which would be no surprise with our adoption journey track record.

The post-referral adoption process is not for the faint of heart. We have a real child waiting for us in a real place 7,771 miles away, and we’re powerless to get to him. So I suppose we should continue trusting the God who has orchestrated every moment of Malchi’s life. And… obsessively stalk our case with my homemade flow chart, of course 😉

More to come!


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