Referral Accepted

News alert. Apart from deciding we wanted to adopt, this is by far the most life-changing event in our journey so far. It’s really about to happen, and everything is about to change.

This week, we officially accepted the referral of a 4-year-old boy with special medical needs. This sweet boy, who we’ve met only in pictures and videos, is already radically transforming our lives, teaching us to pursue a life foreknown by God and completely unforeseen by us.

Instead of continuing to wait in line for a child with hundreds of other families, we have jumped out of line to choose a child waiting for a family. And after a lot of back and forth with our agency, the orphanage, social workers in Ethiopia, and God of course, we’re certain this is the path we’ve been called to take.

The news is so fresh, and we’re still processing all that has to happen – like choose a name, convert Maddox’s old nursery into a room for an older brother, get the 4-year-old essentials (just toys and clothes, right? – not sure), educate ourselves on the ins and outs of caring for a child with his condition, complete another big round of paperwork, renew passports, get immunizations, learn a little Amharic, figure out the school situation, and I’ll spare you from the rest of our mile-long to-do list. There’s a lot to check off.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be traveling to Ethiopia in early 2015 for a court date, and then 6-8 weeks later, this sweet boy will come home with us forever. It’s surreal. A new chapter begins now.

Today, we will feast with happy hearts. We have more to be thankful for than we ever imagined we would have. We have been abundantly blessed by this sweet life. Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.

(Many personal details have been spared to protect this child from the very real threat of trafficking while we wait for finalization. We promise photos after court!)


One thought on “Referral Accepted

  1. Awesome!!! Congratulations! When I read your last post a few weeks ago, I knew exactly where it was coming from. We were hoping to be bringing our child or children home around this time, but here we sit. No end in sight. So thankful God is in control of it all. I’ll be praying for you guys as you go through the next bit of the process. Can’t wait to read all about it!

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