Getting comfy at #163

At the beginning of this process, someone told us to “embrace the wait.” It’s high season to take that advice. We just received some good news and some bad news from our agency. The good news is our dossier arrived safely in Ethiopia, and we finally have our spot on the waiting list. It’s taken us a lot of paperwork and waiting to get here. The bad news is… our number is 163.

The regional Ethiopian government is required to approve all referrals before they are presented to agencies. Unfortunately, that back up creates a long list of families dependent on the government of a third-world country to move them into the next phase of the process. Being number 163 means that there are 162 families in line in front of us waiting for those approvals to receive their referral. Recently, these government approvals have been taking longer than expected, and we may end up waiting even longer than our initially-anticipated 18 months for a referral.

I think while we’re waiting I’ll enjoy a little break from the full-time adoption job that has consumed us over the last 8 months. I’ll be happy to take some time to prepare our family for a new member, make a list of favorite boy and girl names, and send up many prayers for this baby. Why bemoan what cannot be changed? After all, God has done a pretty good job orchestrating the details and timing of our family up to this point, and I don’t think He’ll stop now.


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