The Pre-Thanksgiving Report

Bracelets, bracelets, and more bracelets

Last Thursday night, we had a great bracelet fundraiser with friends at our home church, Skycrest Community Church. Thank you and thank you to everyone who supported! We had a fun night.



Our next, and last, bracelet party will be hosted by Joanne Lamberson at her home in Lutz. The party is open to everyone so feel free to drop in if you missed our earlier parties.

Monday, December 16
Open House 6pm – 9pm

The Lamberson Home
1503 Amarone Place
Lutz, Fl 33548

In the meantime, several bracelets are now posted on online here for friends and family and out-of-towners who couldn’t attend a party.

Keswick Dress Down Day

Today, students at Keswick Christian School dressed down for the Kuhn Family Adoption Fund. Students paid $1 to wear their casual clothes rather than their school uniforms. A big thank you to my friend Amy Withee who coordinated this, and another big thank you to Keswick students for dressing down!

Where in the world is our dossier?

Dubai. At least, that’s what the FedEx website told me last. It’s scheduled to arrive in Ethiopia on Friday. Once it arrives, we will be added to a wait list of approximately 120 families. We’ll wait for at least 18 months while paperwork, court dates, and orphan investigations are completed for the families before us in line. This next phase will certainly be a test in patience, which happens to be my least prominent virtue.


The Thankful Tree

Earlier this month, several friends were talking about creating a thankful tree. I was feeling festive and thought it was a fun idea. So each morning, we ask Maddox what he is thankful for. I’m pretty sure He doesn’t get the concept, but we write down what he says nonetheless. “Cheerios,” “mower,” “jeep,” “waffles,” and “stairs” are a few of our favorites.

Some mornings, Mitch and I have added some more serious leaves. Truth is, this year, we could fill more leaves than this tree could ever hold. God’s provision in the last 3 months has been so tangible. This process has freshly awakened our hearts to His sovereign power. To Him be all the glory for each and every miracle we have witnessed along the way.

It would be easy to give thanks only for what He has done for us, especially when His deeds have been so miraculous. But this year, we are making a conscious effort to praise Him not only for what He has done, but simply for who He is. We are enjoying His perfect character and resting in His finished work on the cross. It’s like saying I love you because you’re you. We are thankful that He is He. I need to go write that on a leaf…

Thankful Tree


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