Hang on, a leather bracelet just exploded in Steph’s house….

What a fun night we had at Steph’s bracelet party yesterday! A steady flow of ladies stopped by from 5:30pm until 9:30pm. Over 60 girls attended and bought nearly 158 bracelets, totaling $2,500!

Bracelet Party


Bracelet Party


Mammaw and my mom were busy at the check out/bracelet bagging table throughout the whole party. Ahem. Look how pretty that excel spreadsheet is.

Bracelet Party

And I got to catch up with great friends and their cute new babies!

Bracelet Party

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who supported. We’re another step closer to bringing that baby home thanks to you. And for our out-of-town friends… YES, we will be putting some bracelets for sale online. Most likely next week, after our Skycrest party is complete. Alas, all the hours cutting, snapping, pounding, and embellishing pays off!

And to top off last night’s success, one of Steph’s great friends who lives on the other side of the bay called today. She would like to host a party for friends from her church, Idlewild, in early December. Looks like more bracelet making is in my future. Sigh.


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