We can do no great things…

It’s been a hectic few weeks of adoption craziness in the Kuhn Family. I’m learning that the whole process is a little like running a business. It takes administration, bookkeeping, budgeting, blogging, marketing, fundraising, crafting, cash counting, photographing, video shooting, video editing, and I’m sure I forgot a few. But the key ingredient… a whole lot of Jesus. True to character, he’s been working miracles right and left, and at the end of just 60 days of fundraising craziness, we have approximately 80% of the total adoption expenses. Time out. Read again. Yes, 80% of the total adoption expenses in just 60 days. That’s what we like to call a God thing. He has opened the heavens and showered His resources on our family. And this is what He used to do it.

  • Generous grants from awesome foundations
  1. Lifeline Children’s Services
  2. Lifesong for Orphans matching grant, funded by First Baptist Church Orlando
  3. North American Mission Board
  4. Hand in Hand Christian Adoption

We never really doubted we were called to adopt, and given the last two months, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to. Since the beginning of the process, we’ve said God will fund what he favors… and he has.

So here’s an update on all things Kuhn Family adoption.

Leather Bracelet Scarred Fingers

We sold about 40 bracelets at the very first leather bracelet party on Tuesday night. Thank you to family and friends in Ruskin!

Ruskin Bracelet Party Nov 12

Ruskin Bracelet Party Nov 12

We thought we had enough for the next two parties but seeing how many people like to buy multiples for gifts, we’ve decided we need to make way more! Now it’s a race against the clock. This weekend has already been filled with bracelet making in preparation for Steph’s party on Monday and the Skycrest party on Thursday. Today, we logged 10 straight hours. After beating up my fingers, I’ve learned my lesson to wear gloves.

Saturday bracelet making mania

Saturday bracelet making mania

Dress Down Days

Lakeside Christian School raised $746 during Dress Down for Orphans on Tuesday. On Monday, Maddox and I stopped in each class to remind them to dress down and say “thank you.” Maddox said the “thank you” part.

Lakeside Dress Down Day highlights

Lakeside Dress Down Day highlights

That same day another friend, Amy Withee, wrote to tell me she had convinced her school, Keswick Christian School, to also have a Dress Down Day which is coming up on November 26. Thank you Keswick!!

Journeys of the Dossier

Our dossier has traveled the U.S. It went from our home in Florida to our agency in Kentucky to our placing agency in Utah to the Governor’s office in Utah back to our placing agency in Utah and then to Washington D.C. where it waits now. The dossier must travel to six different places for authentication before it goes to Ethiopia, and they Fed Ex overnight the package each time it’s shipped. And people wonder why adoption costs so much. Once the paperwork arrives in Ethiopia we expect to wait approximately 18 months before learning who our child will be.

A good word from Mother Theresa…

Mother Theresa and I may not share all of the same beliefs, but she said lots of cool things. One of them is especially true.

“We can do no great things. Only small things with great love.”

The deed of adoption is not especially noble. Nor are the deeds of the lovely friends and family supporting us. Yet, we love because He has loved us, and the love we show makes His name famous.  Thank you from our family to yours.


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