And then it rained $5,000…

Sometimes, God answers faithless prayers. At least I feel like that’s the way I had been praying.

“God, provide financially for the adoption.”

I said the words out of obedience, but in the early days of the process, I’m not sure how much my soul believed that He could and would do it.

A month or so ago, our pastor recounted the story of Peter’s miraculous release from prison in Acts 12. While Peter sat in prison, the church prayed earnestly for his release. You probably know the rest. An angel appears to Peter while he is sleeping and leads him out of prison. Peter goes to the house where the believers are praying for him and knocks on the door. A servant girl, Rhoda, answers the door and is so overjoyed to see Peter that she leaves him outside the door. She runs to tell the praying believers Peter has escaped. While Peter waits outside, the believers refuse to believe that it could really be Peter. The believers thought a much more plausible idea was that Peter’s angel was at the door, as if God were somehow powerful enough to send an angel to their door, but not powerful enough to break Peter’s prison chains. That makes me chuckle.  Their earnest prayers for Peter’s release couldn’t have been very faith-filled.

My prayers for the adoption were pretty earnest (repetitive at least), but probably faithless too.

And that’s why I love that the kindness of God sees fit to answer our prayers of obedience even when we need His grace to sincerely believe He will answer.

Last week, we received an email that we had been approved for a foundation’s matching grant program. Hand in Hand Adoption will match dollar for dollar every donation we receive up to $5,000. Several wonderful friends have already promised about $2,500 of that total.

Between savings, grants, and the generosity of family and friends, God has already provided for about 50% of the total adoption costs. The more miracles we see God accomplish, the easier it becomes to pray not just in obedience but in faith. For now though, I’m thankful that He answers both kinds of prayers.

Update Sidebar
We’ve now received all of our paperwork to complete our dossier. I compiled it all tonight to take to FedEx tomorrow. Why get overwhelmed with mounds of papers, when you can get awesome? Organizing makes me smile. Nerd alert.

Dossier Prep


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