Status Update

The process marches onward.

We are eager to submit our dossier to Ethiopia and add our family name to the waiting list for a child. However, there are still a few important documents we are waiting on.

1)   I-600A Approval

We filed our I-600A (application to immigrate an Ethiopian child) to the US department of Citizenship and Immigration in early September, and we are awaiting our biometrics appointment (October 21) for our fourth round of background checks.

2)    Certified Copy of Kamden’s Birth Certificate

This morning, I made my fifth and final phone call to the Pennsylvania Vital Records office to try to get them to expedite the certified copy of my birth certificate. Finally, I found someone helpful who printed and packaged the certificate while we were on the phone. We have been waiting on it for over a month.

3)   Letter Verifying Life Insurance Coverage

I’ve been hounding our life insurance company for four weeks for this letter. Still perplexed as to why it is so difficult for them to write literally one sentence, sign it, and mail it to us.

Once the dossier is submitted, we expect to be on a waiting list for at least 18 months before receiving a referral and getting to travel to Ethiopia to meet our baby.

At the time we submit our dossier, another large payment will be due to our agency, so the fundraising continues. We recently ordered another batch of t-shirts and are also in the process of making leather bracelets which we will sell for a holiday fundraiser (more info to come soon). God has already been so faithful to provide through the sacrifice and generosity of family and friends, and we trust His perfect timing and financial provision.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the process, the paperwork, the waiting. But someone told me early on in our journey to embrace it! Wise words that are difficult to apply. We long for the day when the red tape has been cut through and the payments have all been made when we can bring home the child God intends for us.

In another beautiful parallel to our heavenly adoption, we now “hope for what we do not see” “because we wait for it with patience” (Rom 8:25).


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