T-Shirt Mayhem

Welcome to the Kuhn Residence/t-shirt warehouse. For the last 7 days, our kitchen has been transformed into a station for bagging, tagging, and shipping t-shirts all over the US. In just 6 days, we have sold 144 t-shirts and deposited nearly $2,000 into the Kuhn Family Adoption Fund!  Another big payment is due very soon when we send our dossier to Ethiopia, so we owe a big thanks to everyone who supported. But perhaps the biggest thank you is due to our God who sees fit to provide exactly what we need exactly when we need it.

After a week of sheer mayhem, I’ve decided I will never enter into the t-shirt selling business. But if you’re ever wondering how, here’s a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Beg a great designer to work for cookies. 

I work at an awesome advertising agency, Dunn&Co. in Ybor City. I’m blessed to be on a team with the most creative people in the Southeast. (Yes, I’m biased, but I love my D&C family.) I begged an awesome art director to design a cool shirt in exchange for chocolate chip cookies. He agreed. You rock Grant Gunderson!


Step 2: Dicker for a deal.

I called every screen printing t-shirt shop in Clearwater and asked them to print shirts at cost or as cheap as they could, knowing it was for an awesome cause. We went with AdverT Screenprinting, and they were great! We chose a higher quality shirt than your average cotton cheapo, and we added a girls cut for the ladies. I wanted shirts us girls could wear out, not just to bed.


Step 3: Ask a sister/fundraising pro to beat the pavement.

Mitch and I picked up the shirts last Friday morning. I then texted a pic to my sissy-in-law who turned around and sold about 15 shirts in 15 minutes. About half of all of our sales ended up coming from this rock star. Kisses, hugs, and cheers for Auntie Steph and her awesome network of friends who love adoption and accept personal responsibility to enable it. Purchases came from everywhere. From our home church to the church down the street. From old college friends to current college students. From the East Coast of the US to the West. From our 14-year-old student ministry kids to my 71-year-old grandmother.


For the last week, our Facebook pages and Instagram feeds have been plastered with proud wearers of our shirts. Some of these photos are of close friends. Others are of people we don’t know and may never meet. Whoever you are, thank you from Mitch, Kamden, Maddox, and Baby Kuhn! We are so wowed by your enthusiasm for the Lord’s work and your generous giving to be a part of it.




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